Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Masjid Kristal

huhu.. dah lama sebenarnya melawat masjid kristal ni.. sangatlah cantik.. even the day was quite sunny, but i do enjoy it.. meh laa tengok pics yg sempat i snap..

masjid kristal yg sangat cantik walopon takde aa besar mane..

the interior is nice kan?

gambar ni sume tak berapa nak cantik.. tunggu i beli DSLR pulak.. sabar sabar(pesanan untuk diri sendiri neh~)

meow-meow: eleh. gambar yang kononnya masjid kristal ni nampak macam 'something' tu bukan betol pon.. jangan tertipu ye? hehe..

Sometimes i wonder

Sometimes it’s good to have nothing to do and just chilling out enjoying the moments.

Sometimes it’s just too good to have things to do to keep busy as the time can pass by faster and make no space for us to even think about ourselves..

But sometimes it’s so much better to have some things that have to do and act as if we got zero thing to do so that there’s no stress..

Ur should I put it this way--

that sometimes it’s best to sleep , dreaming and act as if u got nothing to be done even though there are loads..

Life is to be enjoyed and cherished. Isn’t it? huahuauhahua...

meow-meow: i do believe in being a kid all my life would be such a heaven feeling.. sleeping soundly like a baby without having any problems and things to think about.. haish~ yet sleeping is like dying.. i'm not ready to die yet..

Monday, April 20, 2009

I never

I never met someone like you before.

I never regret knowing you years ago.

It’s like every day I just met and knew u,

Like every day is our celebration of life.

No one ever knows me better than you do.

No one ever cares for me like you do.

No one ever understands every single thing I do and say like you do.

There’s no one, only you who know and understand me well.

I never shared my happiness and sadness with anyone else.

It’s you whom I turn to share everything I keep in mind and heart.

And I just love sharing all those moments and thoughts with you.

I never treat anyone else the way I treat u.

I never love anyone more than I love u.

Cause it’s only you whom I trust and love most.

Love you and will always be.

I promise that I’ll never forget you,

I will always smile and cherish my life with you,

as the memories of your sweet face are always fresh in my mind

and your warm love kisses my lips and my heart every single of my heart beat.

I will stay in deep love with you forever.

And this is my promise that I’ll never forget to love and miss you.

Lots of love,


meow-meow: this is dedicated to you-know-who-are.

Monday, April 6, 2009

new hope

the colors of my life..


seems like there is still a hope for someone hopeless like me..(i felt so down and hopeless months ago which had made me turned into someone else; crazy and heartless ,whom i never wish to be)
feel so bad for being so self-centered for once.
this is a new head start for me.. no more anger and hatred in me..
need to be stronger,calmer , more responsible. definitely!!
there's no U-turn anymore..

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